Our vision is to obtain pure water in a healthy way.

Strives for a healthy and happy lifestyle close to nature.

We are a customer experience oriented company. All designs and product features are derived from improving the quality of life, and we wholeheartedly (single mindedly) focus on developing higher performing, smarter innovative products.

We think deeply about the user experience every time to improve products and continuously promote every innovation.


We collect praise from every user by continuously optimizing customer service. By 2023, 32.6 W households around the world use PUREPLUS products and appliances. We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with our customers. Healthy and happy life is our principle in the service of customer satisfaction, and we solve the “difficulties” for each family member.

We also create products for different life scenarios to enrich your experience. At Pureplus, everyone is an idea person, and we are here to help you plan events and simplify operations.

We look forward to meeting your development needs and creating rich customer experiences through carefully curated brand expressions.

Founder & Creative Director


We use different ways to make life more comfortable for each family

  • Our approach is to make all difficult operations simple and interesting.
  • Abundant and interesting user-friendly member service system.
  • Smart APP, simplifies tedious procedures.
  • Member of the American Water Quality Association.
  • At least 37 new product development projects and 40 customer collaboration projects each year.
  • The strict quality inspection under the NSF certification have been added from the raw filtered material.
  • Priority customer experience program for more than 1,000 people.
  • The shortest distance from factory to customer, wholesale price advantage.


We believe that practical function is the core of good design. That’s why we pay attention to every detail, real-time water quality monitoring and easy to carry handle. We offer a wealth of filtration knowledge, images and packaging solutions to help you create a unique brand identity.


We have always believed in and moved forward with our customer partners who are committed to providing a quality lifestyle for their customers. So far, we have worked with many supply partners for eleven years.

A mature supply chain and years of shared growth allow us to consistently deliver on our commitments to customers. Feedback from tens of thousands of users and continuous optimization of customer service make us full of confidence in the perfect delivery after each order you place.

We are very proud to become a member of the American Water Quality Association in 2005 and contribute to the formulation of water industry standards.

Years of innovation and growth have allowed us to have many pureplus members. It is precisely because of continuous interactive feedback and accumulation that we continue to develop in innovative technologies and cutting edge products. In 2022, our products also be prized as “IF Design Award”, redefining the compatibility of life and art.


According to the list of customer experience surveys in 2022, 81% of customers give the positive feedback.

The scoring standards of our service system are as follow : the 5 minutes timely reply, sharing and suggestion, service frequency and service quality.

At the beginning of the establishment of pureplus , “doing everything to the extreme” was our code of conduct , and in the 14 years development and change, this concept has become the daily life. 

Everyday, we will definitely continue to do the remaining 19% to the extreme, proving Pureplus’s determination with amazing dedication and enthusiasm.