To build a worldwide connection via pleasure.

It is relieved and thankful to look back decades since PUREPLUS came into being in 2009. With an anticipant vision to fill the world with healthiness and happiness, now 3 manufacturing bases in total of 25000 sq/m standing with us to reach more. A new era appears and more passion as well as efforts continue working together. Now it’s time to show how Practice Makes Perfect take effects.

Back to 2009, It urged Wayne Wei, the founder of PUREPLUS to set up such a company.

Most people in the world suffered from polluted water due to industrial development and agricultural production. In his eyes, drink is an essential part of human life and he thought it is important to help others to decide how they drinks and what should be focused so as to prepared before drinking water.

At that time, people just drinking water directly as long as there is no visible impurities in their water. What they don’t know is that most contaminants are invisible in naked eyes which may lead to diseases and body injury to a great extent. To deliver this health consciousness to people through traditional B2B trading had became an fundamental work of Wayne Wei and PUREPLUS in those years.

As time went to 2013, a great many of online shoppers were aware of it as online shopping trend rising. Wayne Wei noticed that he could reach more worldwide personal buyers via products and services it offers with online store selling and buying. PUREPLUS joined Amazon and built a closer relationship as well as friendship from 2012 to 2022. All the struggles it paid and the efforts gained proves an well-known saying: Practice Makers Perfect.

By following accrescent steps all these years, a truth was recognised that people needs their life to be filled with enough pleasure not just well drinks only. In 2020, “Healthiness & Happiness”, a brand new core value of our products came into being and that requires PUREPLUS not only deliver healthy drinking way but also something else make families feel pleasant and happy. 

Accord with the demands of “Healthiness & Happiness”, items of pets and outdoor entertainments were born at the right moment in 2021 and they are serving thousands of US families right now.


Now, PUREPLUS is still standing on the same way to drive family-friendly products to your beloved ones no matter it is about health, pleasure or any other things out customers are expecting. We’ve been devoted to provide healthy & happy services and we’re still working on this attractive prospect. Hope our items helps you all, make your life full of joy and pleasure.

A Journey of Continuing Kindness

Celebrates PUREPLUS 15th birthday, since its establishment, we have participated in exhibitions related to environmental protection every year to display new works and exchange new ideas with peers. Now, we have become the leading force in the development of the industry. Over the years of brand refinement, we have gained more recognition from consumers.

In 2021, a foundation was established to donate water treatment equipment and clean water sources to regions and countries with water difficulties


Real answer and real experience

Every time when we won trust from our customer and share the joy they’ve acquired through better tasty drinking water by choosing our products, it tells us that there are always some families still need our help to bring affordable products as well as satisfied services care for clean water and air. When you are aware of this point, you’ll know what a fulfilled feeling it will bring to the whole struggling crews. 


Our team is always growing! Welcome to join us as a partner for a winwin situation.




Let concrete effects help to make every decision and determination.



Designed with exact technical craftmanship. Use right products deal with right problems.



Devoted to make items have no any tiny error or mess.



With approval and pass of authoritative NSF, WQA, TUV organizations. Let you have no doubts at all.