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Refrigerator Water Filters

Refrigerator water filters are devices that pull out impurities and contaminants from the water in a refrigerator’s dispenser or ice maker. They mainly employ activated carbon to extract diverse pollutants—including chlorine, lead, pesticides, mercury, cysts, and certain pharmaceutical residues—and sweeten water quality.

Why You Need a Refrigerator Water Filter?

Reduces Plastic Waste

Employing refrigerator water filters enables you to avoid using bottled water. Eventually, this helps you diminish the use of plastic, which is extremely critical for our planet.

Heightened Convenience

These filters allow you to access filtered water conveniently from your refrigerator. This is hugely time-saving when you compare it with using a distinct filter or pitcher.

Protects Your Fridge

Refrigerator water filters thwart the buildup of sediment and minerals in your refrigerator’s water system. This can significantly lengthen the lifespan of your appliance.

Healthy Cooking

Needless to say, filtered water is highly appropriate for cooking because it can considerably enhance the flavor of food and beverages when there are no more contaminants.

Why Choose Pureplus?

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FAQs for Refrigerator Water Filters

A: Some modern models of these filters are armed with microbial filtration capabilities. These models can get rid of specific bacteria and viruses. However, other models may not be designed with this purpose in mind.

A: The installation procedure for these filters is pretty simple. You need to initially locate the filter compartment and then, remove the old filter. Consequently, you can insert the new filter and run water through it to flush out pre-existing air and contaminants.

A: Sometimes, there are residuals inside a new filter that alters the taste of water passing through it. To handle this, try to run several gallons of water through the filter so it is appropriately flushed out before usage.

A: It’s feasible for some filter models to reduce the water pressure slightly. That’s because of the filtration process. However, the impact is usually negligible in the majority of cases.

A: As a matter of fact, these filters are engineered for one-time-only usage. That said, you can’t reuse them. Instead, you have to replace them as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

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