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Whole House Water Filters

Whole house filters consist of various types of filtration such as sediment filters, activated carbon filters, UV sterilization, or other professional filtration media. Precisely, a whole house water filter is a perfect filtration system used to purify all water entering the house. It is installed at the main water line, removing all the contaminants.

Common impurities present in the water supplies include sediment, chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, and more. By getting rid of them, a whole house water filter makes sure each shower, faucet, and appliance receives purified and clean water. This influences the quality of the water in taste and odor. These filters offer peace of mind as they deliver filtered and healthier water for bathing, drinking, cooking, and other uses. 

Why You Need a Whole House Water Filter?

Comprehensive Filtration

A whole house water filter provides absolutely pristine water. It thoroughly improves the overall quality of the water for various uses such as cooking, drinking, bathing, and other stuff.

Health Benefits

The filter offers freshwater by removing dangerous contaminants such as heavy metals, chlorine, pathogens, and pesticides, to mention only some. Thus, you will use healthier water.

Environmental Impact

Being eco-friendly, a whole house water filter reduces the need for bottles of mineral water. Consequently, plastic waste decreases.

Cleaner Clothes and Dishes

The more purified the water, the cleaner the dishes and clothes. These filters increase the effectiveness of detergents and soaps by reducing impurities in the water.

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FAQs for Whole House Water Filters

A: The filter is created to reduce a great amount of impurities like chlorine, heavy metals—such as arsenic, lead, and copper—sediment, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), pesticides, and other types of contaminants.

A: A whole house water filter usually combines sediment filters, activated carbon filters, and UV sterilization. This operation allows it to trap and remove contaminants from the water supplies.

A: For severe hardness problems, a customized water softener is needed. Some whole house filters, however, minimize water hardness by removing minerals including calcium or magnesium.

A: Filter replacement frequency might be different depending on the types of filter and water usage. In general, filters would better be replaced every 6 months to one year to function properly.

A: UV sterilization is effective for deactivating viruses. Some sophisticated filtration systems contain this kind of sterilization that helps remove bacteria. 

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