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Whirlpool Whole House Water Filters

Whirlpool whole house water filters are distinguished home filtration units that pass clean/safe water throughout your entire house. They notably employ FilterSense Technology to automatically clean and flush the filter within 14-day periods without the need for filter replacements. 

The process of filtration in Whirlpool whole house water filters aims to trap contaminants and reduce them down to even 40 microns in size. The installation of these filters can be accomplished in a flash as they come with clear instructions and integral components such as a bypass valve and drain hose. 

Why You Need a Whirlpool Whole House Water Filter?

Lifetime Filter

Whirlpool whose house water filters offer no-replacement filters thanks to their FilterSense technology. This can substantially diminish your maintenance costs.

Comprehensive Warranty

These filters come with a 1-year warranty on full parts and labor, a 3-year warranty on electronics, and a 5-year warranty on the tank.

Reduced Micron-Level Contaminants

Whirlpool whole house water filters can eliminate contaminants—including sediment and rust—down to 40 microns.

Maintained Water Pressure

These filters come with high-flow valves that enable them to supply proper water pressure throughout the house.

Why Choose Pureplus?

Guaranteed Cleanest Water

Availability of fresh and hygienic water 24/7

Guaranteed After-Sales

7 days of no-reason returns or exchanges

Free Shipping

Speedy and free deliveries right to your doorstep

Maximum Customer Trust

Trusted by over 200 million families worldwide

FAQs for Whirlpool Whole House Water Filters

A: No, these filters come with simple, step-by-step instructions and are equipped with critical components for straightforward DIY installation.

A: Since these filters come with a self-cleaning feature, you barely need to conduct maintenance tasks. Notably, you no longer need to replace the filter cartridge throughout the life cycle of the device.

A: Yes, these filters are all certified by NSF for chlorine reduction and contaminant removal. This gives you the utmost peace of mind regarding the immaculate performance of the filter.

A: Although these filters are specifically engineered for municipal water, you may faultlessly use them with well water depending on the quality of your water. 

A: These filters usually come with a complete collection of components such as a bypass valve, drain hose, clips, hose clamps, adapter elbow, grommet, and installation manual.

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