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PUREPLUS Frigidaire Refrigerator Water Filter EPTWFU01, EWF02 and Pure Source Ultra II

(6 customer reviews)

$69.99 $69.99

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  1. Authoritative Certifications – The filter is double certified against NSF/ANSI 42 and 372 Lead-Free by NSF& IAPMO, filtering out 99% of Chlorine and significantly improving water taste. 
  2. Innovative Multi-Layer Filtration Integrated Molding Tech – The 0.5 Micron inner layer is effective against 99.99% of Chlorine and meets Particular Reduction Class I standards. 
  3. Strict Quality Control – All products are produced under the ISO9001, 14000 standard and inspected under strict quality control. Each filter is produced through 34 production processes, 400PSI pressure test, 10,000 water hammer tests, and 6 independent tests.
  4. Easy to Install – Delicate design to fit the original brand. Easy for installation and operation.
  5. Compatible Models – Pure Sou rce Ultra II, Pure Sou rce Ultra 2, Losue Ultra II, Frigi daire FPBC2277RF, LGHX2636TF, FGHB2868TP, FPBG2277RF, FGSS2635TD, FFHD2250TD, FGSC2335TF, FGSC2335TD, LGHK2336TF, FPBS2777RF, LGHD2369TF.

Efficient & Safe


Efficient Filtration
This filter is certified by NSF/ANTI 42 to reduce 99.9% of Chlorine, particulates, sediment, rust and odor. Using high-quality coconut shell activated carbon block, this filter presents 0.5 Micron extreme-precision filtration ability, delivers you fresh and tasty water.

Premium Material
This filter is certified by NSF/ANTI 372 for Lead-Free compliance, effectively protecting you from water hazards. Adopting premium and food grade materials to reduce impurities and improving taste of water with high efficiency.

Refreshing Taste

  • Min. operating temperature: 1°C / 34°F
  • Max. operating temperature: 38°C / 100°F
  • Min. working pressure: 207 kPa / 30 psi
  • Max. working pressure: 827 kPa / 120 psi
  • Flow rate: 1.9 lpm / 0.5 gpm (gallons per minute)
  • Filter Life: 1135 liters / 300 gallons


    6 reviews for PUREPLUS Frigidaire Refrigerator Water Filter EPTWFU01, EWF02 and Pure Source Ultra II

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    1. Jeremy Engel

      fit our fridge perfectly. Our old filter (we bought the house with fridge last fall) looked dark brown and weighed as much as a brick, it was so full of iron and chemicals! our ice tastes nice and clean again!

    2. Barry Allen

      I got these and put one on then flushed with 10 glasses of water. The first 2-3 glasses will be black colored water that’s normal. Better tasting than tap water that’s for sure. I can even tell that my coffee taste better.

    3. AuntiePen

      Moved into a house where they left the fridge. Checked the filter and to say that it was gross would be an understatement. Thankful I found these!

    4. L. J. Young

      The filter itself functions without leaking, and actually it has significantly faster water flow than the original Frigidaire filter.

      However, due to it’s case handle design, it does not fit in the filter compartment and needed to be modified. It took some elbow grease and some time, which I can understand most people shouldn’t have to do.
      Hopefully in a future version they can modify the handle so it is more similar to the original.

    5. SandraD.

      Installing this filter was super easy, they give you the instructions, but it is a simple process just twist and pull out the old filter then put in the new filer and twist to lock it in place. I ran 3 gallons of water through it like it told me to and there were no leaks. Since then, I have been using my fridge to fill up my water bottle every day and have had no issues with it. No noticeable sediment and the water tastes great. It works as advertised so not much more to ask for.

    6. Katem

      Hard to tell if the value is here since my last water filter lasted 5 months. I hope to get that much our of these, but too soon to tell.

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    PUREPLUS Frigidaire Refrigerator Water Filter EPTWFU01, EWF02 and Pure Source Ultra II

    $69.99 $69.99