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POOLPURE Hayward Filter Pool C1200/CX1200RE and Unicel C-8412

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1. Tested and certified by IAPMO against NSF/ANSI 50 to ensure material safety.

2. Length: 23 1/4 in.; Outside Diameter: 8 15/16 in.; Top and Bottom Opening: 4 in.; Material Area: 120 Sq.ft.

3. 50 micron fine filter fabric effectively removes hair, leaves, dust, sediment, sand and other fine particles.

4. Unique trilobal filtration fabric has a greater effective surface area increases back presssure throughout the entire filtration system.

5. It is recommended to clean the cartridges every 2 weeks depends on usage to maximize performance.

6. Compatible with Hayward Star Clear Plus C1200 / CX1200RE, Unicel C-8412, Clearwater II ProClean 125, Aladdin 22002, Filbur FC-1293, AK-7005.

*NOTE: Manufacturers’ names and part numbers used for reference purposes only. POOLPURE is an independent brand.

Efficient Filtration & Safe Materials

Powerful Filtration Performance
Innovated “Dirt-Locking” technology make the fabric traps much more contaminants than regular fabric. This filter efficiently removes hair, leaves, dust, sediment, sand, etc. Enjoy clean leisure time in your spa and hot tub.

Top Quality Material
Poolpure only uses Lead-free and BPA free materials. Unique Trilobal Filtration Fabric Structure makes it easier to capture a large volume of contaminants. Reinforced end caps are break resistant and are highly resistant to chemicals commonly found in pool and spa applications. It is also easy to wash/clean to recondition the filter. Assure you of safe and no-worry happy times.

Product detailed parameters

  • NSF/ANSI 50 Certified: For material safety.
  • Length: 23 1/4 in.
  • Outside Diameter: 8 15/16 in.
  • Top and Bottom Opening: 4 in.
  • Filtration Area: 120 sq. ft.
  • Core: PVC
  • Cert.: NSF/ANSI 50
  • Filter Life: This filter lasts for 1-2 years when proper maintenance is performed.

    4 reviews for POOLPURE Hayward Filter Pool C1200/CX1200RE and Unicel C-8412

    Based on 4 reviews
    1. maxine bryant

      We spent a lot of money on chemicals before realizing this thing needed to be replaced. This is a good system, but now we bought an extra to have on hand as soon as we see problems. Do-it-yourself on the pool is cheaper, but takes a lot of work and research if things go green.

    2. Adel Khalil

      Need guide to easy install to the the screw to the female decree at the bottom of the filter body

    3. Karina

      Gave it 4 stars as we’ve only had it for a couple weeks so not sure if it’s durable yet.

    4. Smiley

      Ten months after purchase, I will say this. The poolpure filters are well manufactured. I buy two filters at a time so they have time to dry between uses. I have taken care of both public and now my own pool for many years. I stuck with the brand I was to but they got expensive. I am glad I switched. I believe I will get another ten months out of them, easy. The downside. The EDGES on top and bottom are kind of sharp so take care on that. All in all, a good

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    POOLPURE Hayward Filter Pool C1200/CX1200RE and Unicel C-8412