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PUREPLUS 20 X 4.5 inch Sediment Filter for Tap Water Includes Filter Housing

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1. This whole house water system is specially designed to provide professional filtration performance for tap/municipal

water source.

2. The 1st stage filter is a 3-layer polypropylene filter cartridge which removes rust, sand, silt, dirt and capture most

impurities effectively.

3. The 2nd and 3rd cartridge is carbon filters removes up to 99% of Chlorine, taste, odor, finer particles and sediments.

4. Filter housing is made of food-grade polypropylene which has an excellent pressure and corrosion resistance.

5. Thread junction is made of brass, provides sturdiness and durability, ensures the reliability of sealing.

6. The system includes pressure gauges for easy monitoring.

7. Easy to install and replace the filter cartridge after releasing the pressure through the red pressure valve.

High-efficiency Filtration

Polypropylene Filter Cartridge
The 1st stage is sediment filter.The whole house water filter is designed with density three PP layers to remove most particle and sediments.The multi-layer density tech can capture impurities targetedly and have 30% longer service life than the other common type.
Granular Activated Carbon Filter
The 2nd filter element is made of granular activated carbon. There are more micropores on its surface, so it has a strong adsorption capacity and can absorb various impurities and organic pollutants in the water.
Activated Carbon Block Filter
The 3rd stage filter cartridge is Carbon block filter. It has a larger specific surface area, more adsorption micropores, and each part of activated carbon can fully contact with water flow, to achieve efficient utilization and filtration.

Extend the Life of Home Appliance

  • Part List: Filtration System, Cartridges (Pleated Sediment Filter, Granular Activated Carbon Filter, Activated Carbon Block Filter), Wrench
  • Flow Rate: 3-15 GPM
  • Working Pressure: 25 psi – 80 psi
  • Working Temp.: 40-100℉ (4-37℃)
  • About TDS: The system cannot obviously lower the TDS value because it filters harmful substances while keeping beneficial minerals such as potassium, calcium, sodium, and magnesium, which is the main component of inorganic salts.

    5 reviews for PUREPLUS 20 X 4.5 inch Sediment Filter for Tap Water Includes Filter Housing

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    1. Tom Benson

      It is a little bit of a project to install, but WELL worth it! I am amazed at the difference in the water taste and sight. Even the feel of the water during a shower, not to mention how the water felt in the hot tub! I have always debated on whether to get one of these or get a salt style water softener. But with all the computerized appliances(IE:clothing washer, fridge, dishwasher,hot-water tank, hot tub, even our specialty water fall faucets) I was concerned about adding anything more to the water in my house. I feel better knowing this will “filter” out any impurities.

    2. Silverback

      Perfect for city water and does not remove desirable mineral content. Hired a plumber to install but could have done it myself. Easy if you have a suitable wall. I didn’t, so I had to create a suitable support. A bypass circuit is a good option to ease filter changes.

    3. Gaige chilton

      This is my fair review of PUREPLUS Whole House Water Filter, 3 Stage 20″. The system itself, unboxes assembled fairly ready for install with a few exceptions. 1) This unit does not come with nipples to transition from your house plumbing to the filter, but is a minor issue. I think i picked them up at lowes for around $10. 2) In the event you have to service the system, it recommends you create a bypass and still get water into your home while you service the system. This is a great idea, but I installed this with pex which my opinion is the way to go. If you get the cutoff which is needed for bypass, some can be rather expensive. 3) Make sure you open each filter housing on the unit and unwrap the filters because they come sealed, I’m guessing, for quality. To me, these are minor but wanted to share that. I still give this system a 5 star, including the last star for wow factor. Besides, the water taste great after installation.

    4. Peg

      I really love this whole house filtration system. Its going to be nice not having to keep up with all of the sink, shower and bath filters. Now, its all filtered. And hopefully, this will extend the life of my Reverse osmosis filter.

      Every valve, faucet, heating element, and water tank will have less build up, which will extend the life of practically everything that water runs through in my home. I’m glad that I found this filtration system, and would recommend it to anyone needing whole house filtration.

    5. Heather Allgood

      The house we are moving into in a few months runs off well water. So, I got this to install when we move. Everything from the housing to the gauges is all excellent quality. The unit is very heavy, durable, and stable. I won’t know how well it works until we get moved into the new house. However, I have confidence that It’s going to be perfect. If there are any issues, I will update this review.

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    PUREPLUS 20 X 4.5 inch Sediment Filter for Tap Water Includes Filter Housing

    $533.33 $533.33

    10 in stock