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Intex Pool Filters

Intex pool filters are among the critical devices that preserve the cleanliness of water in above-ground pools. They employ modern paper filter cartridges to boost their filtration rates as they circulate water through Hydro Aeration Technology to enhance water transparency and eliminate impurities as per UL/CSA standards.

Why You Need an Intex Pool Filter?

Hydro Aeration Technology

This technology in Intex pool filters sweetens the quality of pool water as it enhances water circulation and reduces impurities to supply healthier pool water.

Versatile Pool Size Compatibility

These pool filters can fit distinctive pool sizes—ranging up to 9,400 gallons—to handle the needs of a broad variety of pool capacities.

Conformance to Safety Standards

Intex pool filters meet rigorous UL/CSA standards to guarantee their safe operation, dependability, and adherence to industry regulations.

Reduction of Negative Ions

These pool filters are able to minimize the presence of negative ions at the water surface. This allows them to sweeten the quality of water and enhance the overall pool cleanliness.

Why Choose Pureplus?

Guaranteed Cleanest Water

Availability of fresh and hygienic water 24/7

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Speedy and free deliveries right to your doorstep

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FAQs for Intex Pool Filters

A: This technology enhances the circulation of water in the pool. It actually brings up revolutionary aeration techniques that minimize impurities and improve water quality.

A: The maintenance of these filters is rather simple and straightforward. Periodic cartridge rinsing or replacement is advised to preserve the high efficiency of the pump and extend its life cycles.

A: Yes, you can use additional fittings separately with these filters. This flexibility allows you to customize the filtration system of your device.

A: The pump comes with this feature to help users set preset filtration cycles between 2 and 12 hours for the highest level of convenience.

A: Yes, each of these filters comes with a 2-year limited warranty that protects the device against manufacturing defects and operational issues.

A: Yes, the pump comprises an air release valve that eliminates caught-up air within the filter chamber. It sweetens the efficiency of filtration and the performance of the device.

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