As an old flagship, PUREPLUS REFRIGERATOR WATER FILTER series has improved the taste of refrigerator water for nearly 60,000 households for dozens of years and has helped customers redefine their product selection criteria.


When ice filter products appeared, they greatly improved the taste of refrigerator water and ice cubes. People who often drink cold drinks know that ice cubes have a great influence on the taste of drinks.

Service life of filters is about 6 months, and the cost of the filter is also a key part that consumers need to considered. Filter market mix the good and poor, the product materials safe or not? Will it fit my refrigerator model? Can it effectively remove Harmful Substances? Let’s see the performance of PUREPLUS!

"1/5 of the cost of a brand filter. Worth it." - Ben Velez

I have a Sam* RF27T5201SR, french doors and bottom pullout freezer. I’ve only had this filter for 4 days, but so far it’s been working just as well as the Sam* brand filter and tastes fine. I’ve seen reviews about the square part leaving a little gap, but not on my fridge.

As long as it continues to work like it’s working now and at about 20% of the cost of a brand filter, this 3-pack of filters is DEFINITELY worth it!!

"Read Reviews - Glad I bought!"- Reach Haney

I read all the bad reviews that said bad taste, didn’t fit, wrong size, etc. Bought to try out for myself. No difference in taste.

Fit fine (must use a little pressure, same with Sam*). Great value (3 for the price of 1 Sam*). Warning light didn’t turn off, applied date stickers provided. I would recommend it!!


"Fits & works great!"- MoralNes

So far, so good. We are about 3 weeks into this filter change. I can’t tell the difference in the quality from the original G* brand water filter and just as easy to install. Makes our municipal water taste and look real good. No odor or flavor from the ice too.I’m happy with this purchase!