In 2020, PUREPLUS launched tankless RO machine series, which optimizes the original purification function and save the space up to 50%, provide customers with a better feeling of use.


Enjoy the pure experience brought by the RO machine but headaches on its huge size? bothering about the complex process of replacing cartridge? 3,200 customers have already experienced the convenient and pure life, let’s listen to their sharing!

"The kids love it. The family loves it too!" - Daniel Ella

I purchased it about a month ago and so far I am loving it!!! At first I was a little hesitant because I was worried about the difficulty of installing it, but the description said it was easy to install and I decided to give it a try.The instructions were very detailed and made the installation easier than previous units, with all the connections done in one place. This makes it easier overall.

Also, the connection of the individual filters is very simple. Just put it in the designated slot and turn it. I can stick it under the sink and still have plenty of storage space. The unit was perfect. The water tastes refreshing and has no aftertaste. The kids love it. The family loves it too, great.

"WORTH EVERY PENNY!!! 1 year update!" - Hakim76

Still using this almost 1 year now and I still loving it! IMPORTANT! Your water may start to smell when you first turn the system on to get water after about a month. There is a MANUAL FLUSH button on the front of the unit. Hit it 5 or 6 times once a week or every other week. Since hitting that button a few times once a week, I have never smelled that sour scent from the tap again. HIT THE MANUAL FLUSH BUTTON!

The TDS readings are accurate and the same when I tested them and compared it with my handheld meter. This operates correctly as it should. No leaks, not too loud, fits perfectly under the sink, beautiful faucet, good pure to drain water ratio so there is less waste. The pre-filter TDS if 178 and after is 5-6, which is great. before the water is at its’ lowest TDS, which is 6 for me.The selling price is absolutely worth it. The convenience of not lugging around and storing cases of water is worth it.