Since 2005, the wholehouse filter series of products began to support the mission of purification of the PUREPlUS family. So far, this series has grown to 100+ products, providing water filtration system solutions for 35,000 families


As we all know, water sources vary from the region, although municipal purification has covered most areas, inevitably, areas that use rainwater or their own well water as the main water source are not in the minority, that’s leads to a lot of unpredictable substances in the water supply, How to ensure that customers use safe and clean water while saving time and money?

PUREPLUS put as a key concern when designing water purification systems. Has PUREPLUS achieved it? Let’s hear to our customers!

"Complete Filtration"- Peg Leo

I really love this whole house filtration system. Its going to be nice not having to keep up with all of the sink, shower and bath filters. Now, its all filtered. And hopefully, this will extend the life of my Reverse osmosis filter.

Every valve, faucet, heating element, and water tank will have less build up, which will extend the life of practically everything that water runs through in my home. I’m glad that I found this filtration system, and would recommend it to anyone needing whole house filtration.

"Good work, purchased it a few times!" - Mike Beach

Tried other filters all that seemed to clog fast. This one lasts about 3 months for us. I’ve purchased it a few times now. We deal with sediment and iron deposits. Prob need to have the well lifted a bit but until then this combined with the water softener has made it manageable.