Sediment Solution of Outskirts Town Water

The water Pierre Farmer utilizes is town water contains much sediments of sands and gravels. During the whole contact with PUREPLUS, we built an overall perfect solution for tap water, shower water and fridge water.


Pierre farmer was used to use sediment-polluted town water source for kitchen and shower. He’ve tried some other cartridges in his whole house filtration systems while most of them disintegrates easily and can not last long. For a long period of time, Pierre looked for solutions online. 2 years ago, he approached to PUREPLUS and tried the first time of buying.

Shower and Tap Water Improvement

After we were informed about the water problems Pierre’s family was suffering from, we recommended a 5 micron particulate sediment filter as the first stage cartridge of his whole house water system. In the first 6 month of experiment, he have found that the 5 micron sediment filter improves shower and tap water quality a lot with no more gravel stones exists.

Get Rid of Free Chlorine, Odors, Bad Tastes

His another annoyed point is bad taste of his fridge water. After several purchases of 5 micron sediment filters, we suggest to add an activated carbon cartridge in his whole house systems so he do not have to use another fridge water filter. He was a little doubt that whether carbon water filter in a whole house systems can solve his problems at first. And it is pleased that both sediment and taste issues are solved with our persuasion.