Service for an exciting birthday party

Timothy Stoll, who has a beautiful yard full of flowers and shrubs in his home, promised to build a private pool as a birthday gift for his daughter and invite friends to have a happiness pool party on his daughter’s 18th birthday.


Timothy Stoll live in South Florida. Have a yard that’s basically a green plants. No screen on his pool. Before installing pool filters, he was fighting a chlorinated that stopped working and green algae blooms.

Therefore, he bought pool filters in the local area. He had high hopes. No matter how much he shocked and cleaned the pool and filters, it would be green within a week.


Timothy Stoll check out his pool filtration system, checked the filter basket…a few leaves, jumped in and checked the jets…all fine. He turned the filter off and took the filter out…as we pulled the filter out, a long trail of three foot gooey, clear mucus looking gel pulled up with the filter. It is a bad experience. Fortunately, all the problems disappeared after replacing Pureplus pool filters. The pool was clear within a few hours and was able to slow down pool pump 50% as well.


This filter continually got the pool sparkling clean and clear. It will also leave customers with a lot of money on Chemicals and electricity! Timothy Stoll said he purchased these filters have two sets of filters because the pool filters need to be changed every 6 months. With having two sets it makes it a little easier to change the filters every six months. The filter is fantastic. Does a great job. Easy to clean.