Solve the serious excessive PFAs in water

Richard Kissick were notified by his water company that drinking water exceeded the maximum level of PFAs set by the State of New Jersey, After a Pureplus RO System quick installation, we sent samples to a local lab. It tested to the same levels as what was promised by the water companies.


Richard Kissick Lived in New Jersey, local water filtration companies charge a lot to install a filtration system into a home and would not be able to filter out these harmful substances until at least the middle of 2024. He contacted Pureplus to find out whether the Pureplus filter in his refrigerator filtered out PFAs.

Pureplus responded immediately, explaining that the filter in the refrigerator did not filter out PFAs, but Pureplus had a reverse osmosis system that did indeed filter out PFAs.


Most point-of-use reverse osmosis systems on the market will not fit under kitchen sink. They are generally designed with a large tank and the space needed for the tank is already used by food waste disposer. However, the Pureplus system is designed differently. It has a slim design that enables it to fit very easily under the sink. The taste of the water is fresh, and he have been using it in his coffee as well as his cat’s water fountain as its healthier water.


It is tankless, so you won’t need to worry about filling anything up as it comes directly from the faucet. The most appealing aspect is that you won’t need to buy bottled water anymore.

The instructions were very detailed and made the installation easier than previous units, with all the connections done in one place. This makes it easier overall.  The unit was perfect. The water tastes refreshing and has no aftertaste. The kids love it. The family loves it too, great.