Whole House Water Issues due to Well Water

Heather had a worry thing about getting well water for drink and cook after she moved into her new house in outskirts. It was an available well water filtration system designed to get rid of metallic taste and residual chlorine. Heather considered it a comprehensive system dealing with tap, sink and more heating appliances.


Heather Allgood Join in PUREPLUS when she moved into a new house which consumes water from a high sediment well. Compared with municipal water, well water contain much more sediment, iron and calcium. During that time, Heather and her husband do tolerate the bad well water for a long time.

POE Whole House Filtration Devices

When we getting familiar with the water situations of Heather’s family. A excellent suitable one solutions of whole house well water filtration system was born to help Heather’s family get rid of metallic smell, rust in home water pipes and plumbing systems.

Benefits of Indoor POU Water Outlets

After installation of this complete whole house water filtration system, all water outlets of sink, shower and bathroom share the perfect filtration effect together. Each valve, faucet, heating element needs less maintaining than before. Then, it comes to the biggest advantage that lifespan of everything runs water in Heather’s home was extended.